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Enorme mise à jour Logic pro X

Le 21 janvier 2015, Logic pro X a reçu une énorme mise à jour, gratuite pour les personnes possédant déjà Logic pro X :)

Logic pro X 10.1

Parmi les nouveautés qui m’ont marquées :

  • Un nouvel instrument virtuel sur les pistes Drummer dédié musiques électro et Hip Hop
  • La possibilité d’organiser les Plug-Ins comme on le veut ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Les automations de régions (indépendantes des automations de pistes)
  • Les nouvelles fonctions de l’éditeur de clavier  (Piano Roll) pour éditer des Drums
  • Le nouveau Compresseur
  • Les émulations VCA dans la table de mixage
  • La compatibilité avec Final Cut Pro X : le XML reconnaît les rôles de FCPX, c’est MERVEILLEUX !
  • L’interface Rétina des Plug-Ins
  • La possibilité de piloter le préampli de certaines cartes son depuis la tranche de console de Logic :)
  • De nouveaux Prestes et sons, c’est toujours très agréable :)
  • Le rendu en temps réel des fondus leur permet de fonctionner avec Flex Pitch et d’accélérer les temps de chargement du projet
  •  La bibliothèque de sons étendue comprend plus de 200 nouveaux patchs de synthé et 10 instruments Mellotron classiques

Drum Machine Designer Logic pro X 10.1

C’est le moment de vous former sur Logic pro X !

Evidemment, toutes ces nouveautés seront abordées lors de la prochaine formation Logic Pro X / Native Instrument à Grenoble :)

Surveillez également mon Blog YouTips Audio, j’y publierai des tutoriels pour vous expliquer quelques unes des nouveautés apparues dans cette mise à jour sur Logic pro X 10.1.

Voici la liste complète de cette mise à jour hallucinante :

Toutes les mises à jour Logic sont détaillées sur le site d’Apple à cette adresse, voici un copier coller de la mise à jour 10.1, merci à l’équipe de développeurs Apple Logic pro X, le travail effectué est énorme :)

Logic Pro X 10.1 update

New Features

  • 10 new Drummers that produce beats in a variety of electronic and hip hop styles including Techno, House, Trap, Dubstep and more
  • Drummer provides specialized sound and performance controls for dialing in electronic or hip hop drum grooves
  • New Drum Machine Designer plug-in for customizing electronic drum kits
  • Redesigned Compressor plug-in features scalable, Retina-ready interface and 7 models including the new Classic VCA
  • Retro Synth can now create wavetables from imported audio and is able to stack up to 8 voices
  • Note Repeat and Spot Erase modes allow classic drum machine style techniques for creating beats in realtime
  • Automation can now be part of a region, not just the track
  • Relative and Trim Automation modes extend the options for fine-tuning existing automation
  • Manage large-scale mixes more easily with the addition of console-style VCA faders in the mixer
  • Mixer now allows remote control of microphone and other input settings for compatible audio interfaces
  • Realtime rendering of fades allow them to work with Flex Pitch and speeds up project load times
  • The Plug-in Manager now allows you to customize the organization of your menu
  • Support for Mail Drop and AirDrop in OS X Yosemite makes it even easier to share your Logic projects
  • Expanded sound library includes over 200 new synth patches and 10 Mellotron instruments
  • The Piano Roll editor now features a Brush tool for creating or deleting a sequence of notes with single mouse gestures
  • Smart Quantize proportionally corrects the timing and length of notes to preserve the musicality of your original performance
  • Track Stacks can now be disclosed/undisclosed directly in the Mixer independently of the Tracks area
  • New Collapse view option in the Piano Roll Editor lets you see more notes in less vertical space
  • It’s now possible to create more than one Drummer track per song
  • It’s now possible to copy and paste voices between different instances of Ultrabeat
  • There’s a new option in the Drummer Editor action menu that allows you to change the drummer without also changing the drum kit
  • Alternatives can now be exported as fully independent projects
  • There’s now a button in the Main window to automatically set the vertical zoom to the optimal resolution to maximize track height while keeping all tracks visible
  • A new Region parameter allows the playback speed of Apple Loops to be altered from ⅛ to 8x the original speed
  • Command-clicking an enabled mute or solo button un-mutes or un-solos all channels if no track is muted or soloed, and command-clicking a mute or solo button mutes or solos all tracks
  • There’s now a Kill/Recall Solo button in the track header area that toggles the solo state of all currently soloed tracks
  • The Reset Channel Strip command now works for multiple selected channel strips in the Mixer
  • Logic now supports the Bravura score font
  • There’s a new key command for enabling/disabling the Flex or Follow Tempo Region parameter
  • Logic can now import multichannel interleaved audio files and convert them to individual mono files
  • When bouncing a project, the default name for the bounced file is now the project name
  • The Piano Roll now includes an option to display drum names instead of note names when working with Drummer tracks, EXS drum kits or Ultrabeat tracks
  • Time Handles in the Piano Roll allow time stretching/compression on selected notes
  • It’s now possible to adjust the position and borders of regions in the Piano Roll time line
  • Undo is now available in the Notepad
  • Undo is now available for Score Set edits
  • A single click now inserts an EQ into the EQ slot of a channel strip
  • Logic now supports 50, 5994d, 5994, 60 d and 60 fps frame rates
  • There’s now a Track Protect button for the Movie track
  • The Repeat Regions/Events key command now duplicates the currently selected region or event without opening a dialog window (the previous behavior for this command is accessed with the new key command Repeat Regions/Events Multiple Times)
  • Smart Controls mapped to plug-in parameters are now dimmed when the plug-in is bypassed
  • User created Groove Templates are now available from the Time Quantize menu in the Piano Roll
  • When dragging objects, the Tooltip now shows both the bar/beat and time position
  • The Beat Mapping track now offers a Protect Flex Markers option in the Beat Mapping drop-down menu
  • The Copy command now copies selected markers in the Marker List window as text
  • When multiple closed Track Stack regions are glued together, Logic now maintains the individual tracks within the stack
  • The Convert to New Sampler Track sheet includes a new option for creating ‘1 Shot’ Zones
  • Auto backups of Logic projects are now directly accessible from the Quick Looks view
  • It’s now possible to specify up to 100 automatic backups per alternative in a project
  • Dragging a movie in the Movie Track now moves in increments of one frame and the Option key can be used to position it in smaller increments
  • When Logic extracts audio from a movie file, it now creates a time-stamped Broadcast Wave file
  • When a movie is added that is longer than the current project, the project is now automatically lengthened to accommodate it
  • A region with movie audio sync can now be defined for a movie file
  • When exporting audio to a movie, Logic now uses the project sample rate
  • When exporting audio to a movie, the length of the selected regions now determines the overall length of the newly created movie
  • The contents of the Bounces folder is now excluded when Cleanup Project is used on a folder project
  • The Clean Up Project dialog now shows the dates previous operations were performed


  • Logic Pro X 10.1 includes improvements to stability including, but not limited to fixes for :
  • Quitting unexpectedly when analyzing 192 kHz audio files for flex editing
  • Quitting unexpectedly when the Mix > Create Automation > Fade-Out command is used
  • Quitting unexpectedly when adjusting the start time of a region by samples in the Event List
  • Quitting unexpectedly when editing MIDI events in a song created in Mobile GarageBand
  • Quitting unexpectedly when importing a MIDI file that contains no note events
  • Quitting unexpectedly when adding a Text object to the Environment
  • Quitting unexpectedly after performing multiple velocity edits in the EXS24 Instrument Editor


  • Transient detection for Beat mapping is performed faster in cases where the audio file has been divided into multiple smaller regions
  • Responsiveness when rubber-band selecting a large number of regions is improved
  • Improves the performance of the realtime waveform while recording audio
  • The movie now responds more accurately when scrubbing by frames with the Playhead
  • Logic no longer shows a spinning wait cursor for several seconds when recording is started on certain computers
  • Logic now uses less CPU when idle on Macs running on battery power

Main Window

  • When an Apple Loop is added to a new track, the channel strip volume is now set to match the pre-listen volume in the Loop Browser
  • There is now an option that allows the looped portion of looped regions to have a darker shade than the parent region
  • The cycle locators in the LCD now reliably show the cycle state in projects originally created by earlier versions of Logic
  • The « Slice at Transient Markers » command now works on regions up to 256 bars in length
  • Tracks set to follow a Drummer track that is enabled as the Groove track now update as expected when changing the Swing parameter in the Drummer editor
  • Dragging the Zoom tool over the lower half of a track no longer sets the visible area to include the track below
  • Global edit operations, such as the “Insert Silence between Locators” command, now are applied to hidden tracks
  • Long regions with fades applied now resume playback as expected when overlapped by a shorter region
  • Logic now automatically applies crossfades when cycling to reduce clicks in audio regions at cycle start and end points
  • The Patch Library can now be used to browse and assign patches to the right-hand channel strip in the Tracks area Inspector when it’s selected
  • Replace mode recording onto a Take Lane of a group track that is clutched no longer removes that track from the group (this allows group comping to work as expected once the group is reactivated)
  • Dragging the right edge of a region to the right in songs that start before 1111 no longer results in unexpected jumps in the region border
  • The Zoom to Fit Selection command now includes the looped portions of looped regions
  • Logic no longer fails to record when the SMPTE start time is 00:00:00:0000 and there is a Record pre-roll
  • Creating a MIDI track with a device configured in Audio MIDI Setup now behaves as expected
  • Option-clicking on Inspector parameters such as Transpose or Velocity again resets them to default values
  • Changes made to fade values in the Region Inspector by scrolling are now updated immediately during scrolling
  • Performing Undo after creating a Track Stack no longer removes plug-in settings from the tracks used in the Track Stack
  • When a Take Folder is disclosed, other non-disclosed Take Folders no longer show empty outlines in the Take Lanes
  • Logic again presents a dialog asking if a time signature change should be added after using the Cut Section between Locators command for a section whose borders do not both fall on the start of a bar
  • Bounce Track in Place now includes all regions on a MIDI track that contains MIDI takes
  • Using the Split by Playhead command no longer causes a looped region earlier in the same track to unexpectedly extend to the beginning of the split region
  • Deleting a Track Stack summing Aux no longer deletes tracks that had originally been part of the stack, but were subsequently moved out of it
  • Adjusting the anchor position on an audio region no longer causes the length to change slightly
  • Enabling automation view no longer causes an auto-zoomed track’s vertical zoom to increase
  • Clicking Learn to learn controller assignments in the Toolbar no longer causes all buttons in the Toolbar to dim
  • The overview on a closed Track Stack is now shown correctly in projects whose start time isn’t 1 1 1 1
  • Reorganizing the order of tracks within a Summing Track Stack no longer causes some the tracks to route to the wrong bus or output
  • When recording MIDI, Logic now captures notes played up to 1 bar before the first downbeat
  • Logic no longer shows a File Not Found error when renaming an audio file that’s stored outside the project folder in the Project Audio window
  • When the locators are set to start at 1 1 1 1, the Insert Silence at Locators command no longer adds an unneeded 4/4 time signature and changes the LCD display to -9 1 1 1
  • The « Split by Playhead » command no longer moves SMPTE locked regions when performed at high zoom levels
  • Maximizing a floating Transport no longer causes it to stretch to the full width of the screen
  • Creating a new Software Instrument track no longer causes Logic’s global tuning to reset to A440 if it’s been changed
  • Catch Playhead Position is again properly disabled when a Marquee selection is made
  • Command-clicking the lower half of the timeline again toggles Auto Punch
  • It’s again possible to delete the right portion of a region divided by using Marquee selection
  • Logic’s real time waveforms are now accurately positioned when audio recording is started after playback has begun
  • Logic now reliably uses the selected instrument when using the Drum Replacement feature
  • Audio added to the Project Audio window is now reliably shown in its correct position, as determined by the sort method selected in the window
  • Record enabling a track no longer opens the Bounce window if an Output track is selected
  • Regions created by performing Strip Silence now retain any Region Gain setting applied to the original region
  • The « Project Cleanup » command now preserves assets used by other projects in the same project folder
  • Smart Snap now works correctly with /8 based signatures and at high zoom levels
  • Settings for the Metronome are now saved as expected in Templates
  • Join Regions per Tracks again works properly when some of the regions in the selection do not require merging
  • Selection of regions via Shift-click and Command-click now works reliably in projects that contain track stacks
  • Custom graphs and ranges set up for Smart Controls are now retained when the Smart Control is copied
  • When an Alternative is created after a project has been edited, Logic now shows a dialog offering to save the current Alternative
  • When Catch mode is enabled in the Marker List, double-clicking a marker now properly opens that marker instead of the one currently under the Playhead
  • Changing a project’s frame rate no longer causes SMPTE-locked regions to change positions
  • When a project is saved with a movie open in full screen mode on a second display, the movie now displays in full screen mode when the project is opened
  • Prelisten of audio files in the All Files browser now continues when using the arrow keys to navigate between files
  • Clicking on the Piano Roll tab in the Main window now properly sets the focus to the Piano Roll editor
  • A single audio track packed into a folder and then moved to to a different audio track, now plays on the new audio track as expected
  • Logic Control control surfaces are more reliably detected at launch
  • Logic now reliably retains audio recordings that are part of a project but not currently used in a take when the project is saved for the first time
  • The « Join with Select Regions » recording option now works as expected when dropping into recording while playing


  • The Option key can now be used with the Scissors tool to divide a long note into a set of equal length shorter notes
  • The Event list now immediately updates to show notes copied into the Score or Piano Roll editors
  • Edits to notes performed in the Event List are now immediately reflected in the Piano Roll
  • Deleting an event definition in the Step Editor now selects the next event definition
  • It’s now possible to select a group of events in the Step Editor by Shift-dragging over them with the pointer
  • The Finger tool can now be used to move events in the Step Editor
  • When a region is moved in the Tracks area, its position in the Step Editor bar ruler is now immediately updated
  • The MIDI In and MIDI Out buttons in the Event List and Piano Roll now synchronize between the two editors as expected
  • The timeline in the Step Editor now updates immediately when the Division format is changed in the LCD
  • Right-clicking in the MIDI Draw area of the Piano Roll no longer causes selected regions to be de-selected
  • MIDI Draw in the Piano Roll now reliably shows labels for all MIDI controller types
  • The Paste command is again available in the Piano Roll contextual menu
  • When multiple regions are selected, double-clicking a note in the Piano Roll again restricts the view to only the region containing the note, and a double-click on the Piano Roll background restores the previous view
  • When Step Input is active for an editor, key presses on the computer keyboard no longer lead to unexpected note entry when the Musical Typing Keyboard isn’t open
  • Pressing Control-Shift while dragging notes in the Piano Roll now allows movement in increments of single ticks
  • Simultaneously editing values on multiple selected Staff Styles now reliably maintains the relative values
  • Edits are now performed at the correct Playhead position when the « Split by Playhead » command is used in the Piano Roll on a region whose left border has been changed
  • The position of cuts for regions divided with the Scissors tool at high zoom levels is now consistently accurate
  • Undo now works as expected after editing time and key signatures
  • A Piano Roll with Link mode turned off no longer loses focus when a region at a different position is selected
  • Sharp notes now properly retain their pitch when pressing Enter to confirm an edit in the Event List
  • Notes on the Piano Roll now continue to display if the Global Track header or an item in a Global Track is selected
  • Pasting events whose type is filtered in the Event List now works correctly
  • Double-clicking a note in the Event List editor no longer causes the pitch to change


  • Changing the automation mode for a group of Aux channels selected in the Track Mixer now works reliably when some of them are assigned to tracks in the Tracks Area
  • Changes made simultaneously to the automation display of multiple tracks are now immediately visible in the Tracks area
  • A tooltip showing position information is again shown when moving an automation or a MIDI Draw point in the Tracks area
  • In Write mode, automation is no longer written for MIDI plug-ins when plug-in automation is disabled in automation preferences
  • A long click on a horizontal MIDI Draw automation line no longer unexpectedly changes it to a vertical line
  • When a region is copied at the same position from one track to another using the same channel strip, Logic no longer asks whether automation should be copied
  • When adjusting velocity in MIDI Draw, the velocity now displays as expected in the Tooltip
  • Engaging the mute switch on one automation lane no longer mutes automation on other lanes
  • Undo now works correctly when used after opening Automation lanes
  • It’s now possible to use the up and down arrow keys to navigate the track list when Automation lanes are disclosed on some tracks
  • Setting an automation mode for an Aux in the main window Channel Strip Inspector now creates a track for the Aux in the Tracks area
  • A single click in MIDI Draw no longer creates multiple automation points
  • It’s no longer possible to place two automation points for the same parameter in a track on the same clock tick
  • When automation is enabled for the first time in a project, the power buttons for track automation now default to On for each track


  • Flex pitch now works in areas of audio regions where fades have been applied
  • When the flex mode is changed on a track, flex is no longer enabled on regions where flex had been disabled
  • When the delete key is used to remove a flex marker in one track of an editing group, the corresponding flex markers in other tracks in the group are now reliably deleted as well
  • Edits applied to split stereo audio files no longer remove or corrupt existing flex edits on those files
  • Resetting manual flex pitch edits no longer causes all flex pitch values to disappear in the Tracks window
  • Double-clicking a flex pitched note in the Tracks area now resets its pitch as expected
  • When a flex pitch edit is applied to a note in a Take, the pitch values displayed for other notes in the Take are no longer incorrectly displayed as having the same value
  • The Create MIDI Track from Flex Pitch Data command now works reliably on the first try
  • Undo after gluing two flex pitched notes together now works as expected
  • Flex pitched notes now continue to display reliably after the region containing them is divided
  • Key signature changes no longer cause unexpected transposition of flex pitched audio tracks


  • Edits applied to fades are now audible during playback
  • Flex edits applied to regions with fades are now audible during playback
  • When switching Project Alternatives, Logic no longer plays fades incorrectly
  • It’s now possible to change the Fade type in the Region Inspector when multiple regions with fades of different lengths are selected


  • The Follow option in the Drummer editor now works as expected when the track followed contains take regions
  • Extending a looped Drummer region to the right over another region no longer removes the beginning of the second region – instead, the loop ends at the start of the new region
  • Transform is now available on Drummer regions converted to MIDI on the Drummer track
  • New Drummer channel strips set to Surround no longer default to “No Output”
  • It’s again possible to open a Drummer track that has been converted to audio with the « Bounce > And Replace all Tracks » command in the Audio Editor

Global Tracks

  • Highlighted text fields in Global Tracks pop-up windows now maintain proper alignment when the window is resized
  • Beat Mapping using “Tolerate missing or additional events” now works with time signatures of 3/4, 5/4, and 6/4 as well as 4/4
  • Deleting beat markers on the Beat Mapping track now reliably deletes the corresponding tempo events
  • The Eraser tool now works reliably when deleting beat markers in the Beat Mapping track
  • The beat mapping track now always shows a handle at the beginning and end of a region, whether or not there is a detected transient at those positions
  • Markers are now displayed in the timeline when the Global Marker track is not visible
  • When the starting time code for a project has been changed from the default, copying an Arrangement Marker no longer resets the project’s starting timecode to 00:00:00:0000
  • If the Marker track is hidden, renaming an Arrangement marker no longer causes it to be shown
  • The Marker Track now maintains its set height when a screen set is recalled
  • Tooltips are again displayed when moving or copying Markers and Arrangement Markers
  • It’s now possible to show/hide individual global tracks after adding a movie to a project
  • Switching from one Tempo Set to another while pressing Option now copies the first Tempo Set


  • When importing tracks from another project, the import sheet now shows individual tracks within Track Stacks by default
  • Importing an XML file with a different frame rate into Logic Pro no longer causes an unexpected SMPTE offset
  • Lyrics with non-standard ASCII characters in MIDI files now import correctly
  • When importing long MP3 files, Logic no longer creates AIFF files that are larger than necessary
  • It is again possible to drag and drop a movie from the Finder to the Movie track


  • Logic now remembers the last settings used to export audio to a movie
  • Improves reliability when exporting Music XML for songs with a large number of tracks
  • Regions that start after 1 1 1 1 are now handled properly when exported to Music XML
  • Logic now retains chapter markers from imported movies after audio has been exported to the movie
  • It’s again possible to share to iTunes directly from the Bounce window
  • Logic now creates properly configured key signatures in exported MIDI files
  • Settings made in the Bounce window are now retained the next time Bounce is used


  • Duration bars are now available for independent notes in the Score window
  • Step Input now creates whole notes of the correct length
  • Tied notes shorter than a dotted 32nd tied to a tuplet can again be displayed
  • The staff shown in the Staff Styles window now reflects the key signature that results from changes to the Transpose setting
  • Independent notes are now displayed correctly on drum tracks
  • In the Score it is no longer possible to create a beat grouping whose sum exceeds the total number of beats in the time signature
  • The cursor for the alternate (Command key) tool in the Score now reliably shows the tool when the Command key is pressed
  • If Interpretation is enabled and a note of shorter duration than the current display quantize setting is dragged to the staff, interpretation is automatically defeated for the dragged note, so that it displays as intended
  • The Undo Quantization key command and menu item again works in the Score
  • Adding a new Drum Group assignment again works as expected in the Score window
  • The Staff Style editor now immediately updates to show newly added staves
  • Undo now works as expected after editing brackets and lines in the Staff Style window
  • The Fix Displayed Note Positions & Durations command no longer causes notes to shift position
  • It is now possible to use Command or Shift to select multiple markings in the Chord Grid Editor
  • Clicking in the background of the Score with the Zoom tool after zooming now reliably returns to the previous zoom setting
  • The Camera tool in the Score now properly captures lines and ties
  • The Sonata score font now works as expected with Logic Pro X on OS X Yosemite
  • The edit handles for slurs and crescendos are now easier to click
  • Double-clicking a chord extension now opens the Chord Symbol dialog

Key Commands

  • When editing key commands, Logic now correctly warns for all conflicts with an entered key command
  • The Hide Selected Track key command now affects all selected tracks
  • The various windows key command “Mute Notes/Regions/Folders” now works in the Step Editor
  • The key commands to move and adjust Marquee selections now behave correctly when used on Take regions
  • The key command to toggle the Loop Browser now works correctly when the bottom portion of the Loop Browser has focus
  • Unused audio files are now properly highlighted when the Select Unused key command is used
  • The key commands for Set Quantize Parameter to Next/Previous Value now work as expected in the Piano Roll editor
  • The key commands for FWD by Transient and RWD by Transient are now assigned by default to Control + and Control – respectively
  • There’s now a key command to toggle the Musical Grid between bars and beats, and SMPTE time


  • Notes in high octaves now loop reliably in all EXS instruments
  • When in MIDI Mono Mode, EXS24 now responds to channel pressure independently per MIDI channel
  • The Recall Default plug-in setting now works with the Delay Designer plug-in
  • It’s now possible to dynamically hide or show parameters in the Scripter plug-in
  • The Arpeggiator plug-in’s Pattern name now instantly updates when changes are made to the selected pattern name, or a pattern is loaded or deleted
  • The Power button in a MIDI plug-in window can now be mapped to a Smart Control
  • Audio Unit MIDI plug-ins now play back at the correct tempo when the project sample rate is set to something other than 441 kHz
  • Scrolling numerical values with the mouse in the Channel EQ again works as expected
  • Ultrabeat and EXS24 now remain in sync when the project tempo is changed during playback
  • When Logic’s playhead is moved while playback is stopped, the playhead in an inserted Melodyne plug-in now updates to show the correct position
  • The Gain plug-in no longer introduces clicks when switching between mono and stereo, or swapping L and R
  • The text showing the db value for the Output Gain slider on Amp Designer displays as expected
  • In the Pitch Shifter plug-in, changing the Stereo Link from Inverse to Normal no longer causes some of the unprocessed signal to sound when the Mix setting is 100 %
  • The Ensemble plug-in now outputs audio to the left channel in single voice mode
  • Removing a multi-output Software Instrument track now also removes its associated Aux channels from the Mixer
  • The text for the Show/Hide all Plug-in Windows menu now correctly matches the current state of the plug-in windows
  • Custom I/O labels now show up correctly with the External Instrument and I/O plug-ins


  • Logic now properly distinguishes between and supports 24 fps and 23976 fps time code


  • Voiceover now works when the Tab key is used to jump to the Smart Controls Editor
  • Plug-in slots on channel strips are now accessible with VoiceOver
  • Edits to region names, looping and region borders are again possible using VoiceOver

Evidemment, toutes ces nouveautés seront abordées lors de la prochaine formation Logic Pro X / Native Instrument à Grenoble, n’hésitez pas à me contacter pour plus d’infos :)